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Detail Services at Maplewood Auto Salon

At Maplewood Auto Salon we pamper our customers vehicles and treat them to a cleaning like they've not seen in a long time. So let your car take a day at the spa. Our Maplewood detailing center is conveniently located to provide you with the service your automobile needs with the least hassle.

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Auto Detailing Services


Full Detailing Packages

We have complete packages available for full interior and exterior detailing. Perfect for used cars you want to bring back to like new condition, or any vehicle that needs a full cleaning inside and out.
More about our detailing packages.

Interior Detailing

An extensive cleaning of your vehicles interior. Shampooing floor mats, steam cleaning upholstery, stain removal, cleaning instrument consoles,protecting vinyl and leather surfaces.
More about interior detailing.

Exterior Detailing

Revive the paint on your vehicle with a power cleaning, power polishing and hand waxing. Chrome, wheels, tires and windows all get a detailed treatment as well.
More about exterior detailing.

Reconditioning Services


Paintless Dent Removal

If your vehicle has a ding or dent that needs repair, consider Paintless Dent Removal at Maplewood Auto Salon instead of traditional body shop repairs!
More about paintless dent removal.

Headlight Restoration

This 5-step process will restore your headlights back to "new condition", which will improve night-time visibility and the overall appearance of your car!
More about Headlight Restoration

BioPure Odor Treatment

Remove odors with our effective BioPure treatment process. Smoke, mold, mildew and other foul odors will disapear leaving your car smelling great again.
More about BioPure Odor Treatment

Vehicle Protection Products


3M Paint Protection Film

Keep your car stone chip free with this invisible layer, like a bra you can't see. PPF is a touch urethane film that takes the brunt of stones, rocks and sand that impact the painted surfaces.
More about paint protection film.

Diamon-Fusion Windshield Rain Repellant

Applied to your windsheild, this product remarkably improves vision in the rain. Great for our Minnesota weather.
  • Causes rain to bead up and roll off
  • Reduces glare in rain, especially at night

More about Diamon-Fusion