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Maplewood Auto Salon Customer Testimonials & Reviews

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"Today I used Maplewood Auto Salon for the first time. My SUV looks great! They did the extra items as I requested. Removed denim dye from white seats!! I am very happy!! Everyone was so nice and very accommodating!! Will go back, again!!! Thanks, Kyle and staff!!!"

- Clean & Clear.
Source: Facebook

"I bought my 2002 Pontiac in to have headlight restoration done. While they did a great job in restoring my headlights we got to talking with Kyle and he mentioned and showed us what new LED light bulbs could also do to help with improving night time visibility. He is very knowledgeable and helpful. Mostly there was no pressure to make a sale. We ended up getting our 2007 Toyota and the 2002 Pontiac new light bulbs. Long story short pleased with the service and Kyle was great to work with, he really seemed to care. Highly recommend."

- Deb W.
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"Brought my 2005 Yukon in after reading good reviews online. Happy to report the reviews were accurate. When I picked up vehicle it looked as if just rolled off show room floor. Commented to my girlfriend that I will drive it another 10 years because it looked like new inside and out. Will definitely be a repeat customer and highly recommend to others."

- Jim O.
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"Brought my Denali into Maplewood Auto Salon on a Friday at 1:00 and got it back at 4:30 that same afternoon! IT was great to get it back in the same day and to not have to be without a vehicle for the whole day. This is the second time I have been to the Maplewood Auto Salon and I am extremely happy with the results of the detailing. My truck is newer and I didn't think it could look much better than it already did but it was detailed without any area being missed, it looked brand new! I will continue to bring my vehicles to Mike and have told all of my friends to go there also. If you are looking to get your car detailed then you NEED to go here, you will not be disappointed at all!"

- Toni F.
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"I had a 1/2 gallon of milk leak in my back seat, and after 2 weeks it really began to smell bad(I didn't know it could leak under the seat, where it puddled!). After calling Maplewood Auto, Mike told me exactly what to expect and what not to hope for. He had my car for 4 days during which he constantly updated us on conditions. He spent hours on the internet finding another seat to replace mine, and thoroughly cleaned the car interior - it looks better than new! We now have the car back; it still smells like cleaning fluids, but we knew that would happen. The milk smell is gone... for now. It might come back in the warm weather, but Mike thinks it will eventually disappear. Overall, he was wonderful to work with, and did a great job in customer service with a VERY reasonable price. I have already told people it is worth the drive to go to this business! And I have my car back, drivable and hopefully for many more years. Thank you, Mike & crew."

- Nancy B.
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"Excellent service. Had multiple vehicles detailed by Maplewood Auto Salon. I will keep going back. They do a great job."

- Matt S.
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"So far I had two cars performed under them, one went in for a full exterior detail and pulling dents, while the other car went in for clear bra. They did an extremely good job on both of my car. The exterior details made my car look brand new again, and the car with the clear bra did not have any bubbles or imperfections. Mike was honest about everything and explained in detail on how the clear bra will not cover everything because it was pre-cut. They have an extremely competitive price on all their services and what you are quoted is what you will pay, no extra labor charges or any of those bs you get from the dealerships. I do have one thing to say though, when they did the exterior detailing, they didnt clean and buff out my entire front bumper. The area where I removed my lip kit was not buffed and I could still see some 3m tape residue on the bumper. I dont know if they overlooked this part or just didnt even bother because of the price that I paid. Other than that, very great place, good detailing and will recommend these guys if you are looking to do a clear bra to protect your car. Dont pay for the dealer because these guys have the best price and does a really nice job."

- Boa L.
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"Great service and reasonable price , gold carpets are gold again , they were a dirty brown before Mike and his crew did a full detail to my 2003 GMC Safari inside and out , very pleased with out come and will use Maplewood Auto Salon again!!!"

- Mark A.
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"Brought in my 2009 KIA Optima that has 73000 miles. There has been 2 kids in the backseat for the past 3 years and let me tell you it was bad!!....Crayon, marker, ink, dirt, grim, pop spills, milk spills, etc. Anything you could think of it was back there. Mike was very honest and straight forward with a couple of spots that were going to be permanent. That was to be expected. Because of his straight forward approach and not trying to just get another sale, I chose to give him a shot. Boy was I glad I did, Mike and his team at Maplewood Auto Salon completely blew me away with how clean the car was. I felt like I just had purchased my car all over again!! Couldn't be happier, and will refer anyone I know that is in need of a detail to Mike. Thanks again Maplewood Auto Salon and see you in a few years again!"

- Matthew L.
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"Recently, I had dined out at this fabulous italian restaurant but was unable to finish my shrimp that came in this delicious olive oil, garlic base. So, I boxed it up to go and put it in my back seat. Two hours later, I realized that I had left my "doggy bag" in my car and had come to find that it had spilled all over the right side of my back seat. It smelled like dinner for 3 days (not to mention the nice stain from the oil); finally, I had had it. I found Maplewood Auto Salon on my google search. When I brought the car in, Mike, was very nice to come out and take a look. Conveniently, my back seat pops out, so I wasn't without my car for 3 days, just without a back seat. 2 days later, I received a call from Mike letting me know that it was all ready to go. Price was reasonable, and the service was polite and efficient. I would definitely bring my car back, and would recommend my family and friends to go there for the services they offer. Thanks Mike!"

- Emily S.
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"Mike made my vehicles look like new! I have a 91 Toyota MR2 in mint condition that somebody keyed and Mike took care of it. I bought a used SUV from a dealership that touched up the hood, did a poor job, and left overspray on the vehicle. I'm working with Mike to get his restored and can't wait to see the finished product. I would recommend MIke to anyone who needs a professional who will make your car look like new! Update - I got my SUV back and it looks like new! Great price, great service, and a great look inside and out! I am bringing in my wifes car to Mike next week to get waxed and polished before the snow hits! I highly recommend Maplewood Auto Salon."

- Todd H.
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"Recently had my vehicle cleaned and had paintless dent repair done. These guys really get customer service. Not once was I anything less than impressed with the service, communication and quality of work - truly above and beyond. I have already raved about Mike and his team to friends and family and now everyone else. You won't regret using these guys.."

- Dan P.
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